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I am 28(F) and now a second time poster. Deleted this post from different sub reddit because I realized it didn't suit that sub reddit.
I have multiple concerns about my work place. I work at a Casino Resort in Washington on an Indian reservation(in the United States). Because my work place is on an Indian reservation I'm not sure how much they are able to get away with legally, if any of its illegal or if my concerns are completely unfounded.
I am a Slot Attendant but because of Covid I'm also expected to be security and housekeeping. We do not have enough security officers or housekeepers. We do have a mask policy, but it has basically rendered useless by our exceptions. As long as you have a cigarette out or a drink, then you are able to have your face cover off. So people constantly keep on relighting cigarettes and constantly have it hang out of their mouths. Constantly walk around and having the mask off using these excuses and I can't do anything about it because of the exceptions in the policy, but they somehow want me to enforce it. I can't do it. Also our slot department follows the policy differently from security. Meaning security and the slot department have different rules concerning the guest mask policy. What kind of nonsense are they spouting sigh. Am I crazy thinking the rules shouldn't vary? I also got in trouble for pointing at my own nose while trying to enforce this monstrosity because guests complained.
They also want me to constantly carry cleaning wipes in a baggy and clean continuously without exception. Concerning these times I understand that they want us to clean, but the amount of cleaning they want from us is excessive. It's absolutely impossible for us Slot Attendants to accomplish what they are asking. They are really nitpicky. I personally carry the wipes in my pouch because it is painful to for my fingers. They want us to personally carry it for hours even though I have an alternative that causes me no pain. The fumes on these wipes are also really strong. It gives me massive headaches and nausea. I now wring most of the liquid into the garbage because I can't continue cleaning otherwise. This still affects me though. They want us to clean constantly with these wipes that make us sick. Another Attendant complained and was told to 'suck it up'.
Apparently cleaning is so important to them, but they are not helping us and force it onto us. Slot Attendants are not housekeepers or security officers. We do not have authority and attending to guests and continuously cleaning are completely incompatible. We are expected to do 3 different positions at the same time.
While cleaning we are only wearing our mask and gloves. Are we even following cleaning safety protocols? The cleaning solution is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Are they aloud to force so much onto our workload that is completely outside of our job description?
Other concerns would be that the water had turned yellow multiple times during me working there. The same water is used for sinks, toilets and soda machines. During these times they still gave soda to guests and employees. A previous employee told me that she found eggs in the soda despencer. Another employee told me that the oil used to cook for employees is barely changed. When someone was attacked in our own parking lot nobody told us. I found out because of a guest. Lastly, one of the housekeepers caught Covid and I would have never known if it wasn't for the fact that it was a relative of someone I know at work.
I make around $10 dollars currently and tips. We are all getting cut hours and now they will also give part of our tips to supervisors and techs. Is this an industry standard? This is a major cut for us. The supervisors and techs are also able to work overtime while we are not. So they are basically getting a raise with no added responsibilities while us Attendants are given an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and a pay cut.
Sorry for this dump of complaints and concerns. Are my worries warranted? If any questions I'm willing to answer. Also sorry for any writing errors. Please be kind.
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Housekeeping Job Description. Sample housekeeping job description. Housekeepers are employed either in a private home or in a commercial environment such as a hotel. Duties will vary according to the employment environment but the basic tasks and skills required to perform the housekeeping job remain the same. The sample housekeeper job description lists these common duties and requirements ... Job Description: Job Summary: Assist the EVS Senior Leads and Supervisors with the cleanliness of the property in a fashion that exceeds the highest standards within the gaming industry. Qualifications: * High school diploma or equivalent preferred. * Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and written required. Casino Housekeeping Job Description, pokerstars uitbetaling belasting, willow blackjack osrs, poker world cup 2020-August 29, 2018. 100%. 200. €90. $0 Bonus . Play Now -* T&C-Start Playing on True Blue Casino read review. March 21, 2019. . Karamba Slots Casino - Welcome Bonus ... Additionally, Housekeeping Dispatcher - Casino typically reports to a supervisor. The Housekeeping Dispatcher - Casino may require 0-1 year of general work experience. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspects of the job. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area. Find out Job Distribution by: Casino Housekeeping in Lawton, Oklahoma Posted on: 12/31/2020: Other Jobs Within 60 Miles IT Manager in Lawton, Oklahoma Posted on: 11/6/2020 Benefits Administrator in Lawton, Oklahoma Posted on: 12/18/2020 Human Resources Generalist in Lawton, Oklahoma Posted on: 1/6/2021 Banquet Server in Lawton, Oklahoma This Housekeeper job description template is optimized for posting in online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Similar job titles include Facility Housekeeper. Post now on job boards. Available in. English Español; Deutsch; Ελληνικά; Português; Housekeeper responsibilities include: Performing a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping ... 629 Casino Housekeeping jobs available on Apply to Housekeeper, Housekeeping Manager, Janitor and more! Environmental Services Tech I - Casino Housekeeping : Description SUMMARY Maintains and ensures that the casino facility (gaming areas and offices) are clean and sanitary at all times. Always presents a friendly and professional image at the casino. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES 1. Cleans assigned area, following set cleaning schedule, ensuring entire area is cleaned in accordance with ... 285 Casino Housekeeping Manager jobs available on Apply to Facilities Manager, Public Area Attendant, Hotel Manager and more! A Hotel Housekeeper is responsible for keeping rooms and public spaces clean and sanitary for guests. A housekeeper ensures that guests have a clean and home-away-from-home experience while a guest at the hotel. The housekeeper job description template is optimized for posting on career sites and job boards and is easily customizable for your company.

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Actual Housekeeping in a 4 Star Hotel - Step by Step Bed ...

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